Hansen Hilltop Haven

Stop 37: We Beat Amazon in Finding our New Headquarters!

Hansen Hilltop Haven collageWhile Amazon is still working to narrow the list of cities for its new headquarters, we are happy to report we have accomplished that task! Our new EmpoweringSites.com headquarters — including home to this blog — will be located just outside of Spokane, Washington.

We will be adding infrastructure to the 30 acres of raw land, which sits on a hill above a beautiful lake, some time later this year… and we hope to begin construction on our Hansen Hilltop Haven the following year or two — depending on our travel adventures and a few other factors.

Rest assured, the lure of the Pacific Northwest (PNW), and eastern Washington in particular, was strong… and our land is in the perfect location for work, play, and more adventures! But why Spokane? First, it is a regional hub with a large airport — the largest city in the eastern part of the state and one of the largest in the state. Second, it has everything one would want in a large city, from healthcare to the arts to higher education and retail. Third, it’s a city on the move, rising from its industrial past to focus more on services and recreation. Fourth, as soon as you leave the city, you quickly return to rural fields and forested mountains — allowing the luxury of going into the city for work and errands, but quickly and easily returning to the tranquility of country living. (Learn more about Spokane here.)

Still curious about our search for a permanent home base? Read our blog post on the subject: Move Over Amazon; We Are Seeking Bids for Our New Headquarters.


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