Move Over Amazon; We Are Seeking Bids for Our New Headquarters


We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious
and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. -Walt Disney


Amazon has certainly gathered much media attention with its plans to build a second headquarters (#HQ2) somewhere in North America.

But Amazon is not the only one looking for a new home. The Team — which includes and several other web properties — is also looking for a new headquarters.

You heard it here first… Jenny and Randall Hansen are searching for their new #HQ — somewhere in the continental United States… and we will be traveling the country in search of that ideal place.

What do we offer communities that want to bid for our services?

  • Jenny Hansen is completing her master’s in mental health counseling and plans to offering counseling services to empower veterans to overcome the many challenges they face reintegrating back into civilian life.
  • Dr. Randall Hansen is planning to join a vibrant university/college with a strong business program and teach marketing and/or strategy and entrepreneurship courses, continue publishing relevant and scholarly articles, while also serving the school and local community.
  • Both Hansens are community-minded people, seeking to be engaged and active in their new home town.

What are our specific requirements for communities considering a bid for us?

  • Medium-sized town; or small town near medium city. (Large cities need not apply.)
  • Strong business school/program within vibrant college/university.
  • Concentration of veterans.
  • Active and engaged small agricultural/ranching operations (including farmer’s markets).
  • 4-season weather, but no soul-crushing and long winters. (Sorry Buffalo.)
  • Open, natural spaces, including city, county, state, and national parks, preserves, forests.
  • Semi-rural areas outside town in which we can purchase 20-30 acres of forested land.

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