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Heal a Heart: True Love Valentine’s Charity Event

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SAVE lives this Valentine’s Day!

In the true spirit of love, love of our fellow people, I want to suggest sharing that love on Valentine’s Day by donating most of what you would spend on unhealthy treats to a charity that is literally saving lives. How much purer love is there?

We spent more than $24 BILLION last year on Valentine’s Day gifts, including on cut (dead) flowers and heart-unhealthy, sugar-filled chocolates and candies.

How many LIVES could be saved – if most of that $24 billion was donated to charity in the name of love? (Each of us spends an average of $150+ on gifts.)

According to one study, candy is the most popular item to purchase for Valentine’s Day, with more than half (56 percent) of those surveyed intending to purchase chocolate and other sweets; another 40 percent planning to buy greeting cards, and 37 percent gifting flowers.

Charity event

What’s so bad about celebrating with booze, chocolates, and candy? Besides the high prices? Well, sugar and alcohol are not only addictive, but killers. See the chart.

We are in a mental healing AND physical health crisis, folks. But you can fight the candy and flower marketing machine with a gift that is much more meaningful – and healthier.

Sure, go cook a healthy, home-cooked meal, or go out for a quality dinner. Take a romantic walk. Do small, romantic gestures… but please consider donating the $100+ dollars that you would spend on the alcohol, flowers, and candy and consider donating it to charity… one that is reputable.

I value healing and saving people, especially those who have been in service to us (such as veterans, first responders) and those who are disadvantaged and hurting. Let’s save some lives this Valentine’s Day!

My heart is with these groups – and I encourage you to channel that love for others – toward helping save a stranger’s life with your donation.

Here are my True Love Healing Valentine’s choices:

Hurting Heart

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